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As sweet as the fruit it represents, the Pineapple Steamroller Pipe will instantly transform any smoke spot into a tropical paradise. This portable steamroller-style hand pipe measures a compact 4.5” inches in length and was built to deliver bold, refreshing hits from both the comfort of your living room and while on the move. The CaliConnected Glass Pineapple Pipe is handmade from thick borosilicate glass with yellow and green colors that look just like the real thing. The outside of the hand pipe has a textured finish to simulate a pineapple’s skin and provide an excellent grip, while the green crown on the top features highly detailed glass leaves and doubles as the mouthpiece!

Glass Pineapple Hand Pipe

The Glass Pineapple Steamroller Pipe is equipped with a deep citrus bowl for hearty bowl packs of your dry herbs (preferably Pineapple Kush). As you light your herbs on top while simultaneously drawing from the straw-style mouthpiece, the dense glass pineapple chamber offers plenty of space to build big hits. When you’re ready to enjoy, simply release your finger from the steamroller style air carb on the bottom of the pineapple (located front & center when holding upright). The straw-style mouthpiece makes this piece easy to rip, and the air carb hole on the base is flat so your Pineapple can stand upright between uses! Add the Glass Pineapple Steamroller Pipe to your fruit bowl today for a fraction of the price of other heady glass hand pipes, exclusively from the best online head shop!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿 
Glass Pineapple Steamroller Pipe 
High Quality Borosilicate Glass
Realistic Pineapple Accents
Straw-Style Mouthpiece 
Highly Detailed Artwork
Worked Glass Leaves
Textured Exterior
4.5” inches Tall
2” inches Wide
Ergonomic Grip
Deep Flower Bowl
Thick Colored Glass 
Front & Center Air Carb
Flat Base Stands Upright
Compact & Travel-Friendly
Pineapple Themed Hand Pipe

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