Nucleus Replacement Water Pipe Downstem

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Size: 3.5
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As the glass blowing industry moves away from removable downstems, nucleus understands the limitations that a fixed downstem have on cleaning your bong. Similarly, when a fixed downstem breaks you'll need to replace the entire water pipe as it’ll be no longer functional, as opposed to just one small piece if a removable downstem happens to break. The Nucleus Replacement Downstem features an 18mm-to-14mm joint size, meaning it fits inside a larger 18mm female joint and provides you with a 14mm female joint for your bowl piece or banger. These glass replacement downstems are available in both 3.5” or 4” inches in length and fit most Nucleus products with ease. Slits in the bottom of the downstem work to diffuse your smoke through the water in your bong for smoother rips and each downstem is adorned with the Nucleus branding on the side. 

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Nucleus Replacement Diffuser Downstem
18mm Male Joint to 14mm Female Joint
6-Slit Removable Diffuser Downstem
High Quality Borosilicate Glass
3.5” or 4” inches in Length
Thick Clear Glass
Frosted Joint
Black Nucleus Decal
Cheap Bong Accessory
Provides a 14mm Female Joint
Fits inside 18mm Female Joints
Holds 14mm Male Bowl Pieces & Bangers

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