Nucleus 5.5” Mini Inverted Restriction Beaker Rig

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The Inverted Mini Beaker Rig from Nucleus is the perfect size for all your dabbing needs, big and small. Standing at a proud 5.5” inches tall, this nano rig functions great with very little water and can easily slide in your pocket or backpack while on the move. Despite its tiny size, the Mini Inverted Beaker Rig is crafted from heavy walled 5mm thick glass and features a sturdy 2” inch diameter base for extra stability. The beaker base houses a removable fission downstem that provides the filtration power of a standard beaker bong while still remaining easy to clean. 

The Nucleus Mini Inverted Restriction Beaker Rig is named from its unique shape where a glass pinch, or inverted restriction, above the beaker base provides an invaluable splashguard that prevents the water in the base from reaching your lips as you inhale. This cheap glass oil rig is equipped with a 14mm female joint and includes a 45° male quartz banger for tasty low-temp dabs. The quartz nail bends away from the main body and works to keep the flame of your torch further away from the glass. From its travel-ready size to its dependable reliability, the Inverted Mini Beaker Dab Rig from Nucleus has everything you need in a mini rig and then some!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Nucleus Inverted Mini Beaker Rig
Inverted Restriction Splashguard
High Quality Borosilicate Glass 
Removable Fission Downstem
100% Quartz Banger Nail
Flared Mouthpiece
5mm Thick Glass
5.5” inches Tall
Beaker Base
Clear Glass
Nucleus Decal
45° Joint Angle
14mm Female Joint
14mm Quartz Banger
Sturdy 2” inch Wide Base
Compact & Travel-Friendly
Cheap Scientific Glass Oil Rig

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