MJ Arsenal Limited Edition Pumpkin Carb Cap 🎃

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Brace yourself because, for the first time ever, MJ Arsenal has added carb caps to their limited edition Halloween drop! The Limited Edition Pumpkin Carb Cap is part of MJ Arsenal's 3rd annual Halloween drop and is a fresh spin on their popular Bubble Carb Cap. These jack-o-lantern inspired carb caps were designed to deliver a powerful and efficient dabbing experience from your favorite MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs and pair perfectly with any 10mm flat top quartz bucket. It also fits securely in most generic quartz attachments too! The MJ Arsenal Pumpkin Carb Cap enables your oil rig to retain more heat and vaporize your concentrates more effectively for optimal, pure flavors. Simply cover your quartz bucket with your carb cap and use the hole on the top of the green pumpkin stem to regulate airflow. The pumpkin sits perched atop a unique bulb design that allows you to effortlessly control the direction of airflow inside your banger. Snag the MJ Arsenal Limited Edition Pumpkin Carb Cap today before they’re gone for good!

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Designed for Wax Concentrates 🍯 
MJ Arsenal Pumpkin Carb Cap
Made for Domeless Nails
Limited Edition Design
Directional Carb Cap
Borosilicate Glass
Oil Accessory
Easy to Grip
Retains Heat
MJ Arsenal Decal
Protects From Burns
Controls Airflow Direction
Promotes Low Temp Dabbing
Orange & Green Glass Accents
MJ Arsenal 2020 Halloween Drop

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