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This nifty charger is designed for giving your Magic Flight Vape batteries the juice they need to keep on vaping! The Magic Flight NiMH Charger can hold two AA NiMH batteries at once, the same batteries found in the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer. Fast battery charges can easily damage the low self discharge batteries found in the Launch Box Vaporizer. Made to Magic Flight specifications, this charger will provide a low & slow charge that is safe for the batteries used in your Launch Box. Turn your dead batteries into fully charged batteries ready to vape in 4 hours or less!

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Magic Flight Battery Charger 🔌
Fits 2 Batteries for the Launch Box Vaporizer
Charges Batteries in 4 Hours or Less
Safe Low Power Charging
110 & 220 Volt Settings
Overcharge & Short Circuit Protection
Compact, Lightweight & Portable Design

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