Grav® 3” Shot Glass & Taster Pipe Combo

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Stay prepared for the next ‘Beerfest’ with the Grav Labs Shot Glass Taster, the most unique party pipe in the game. This American-made 2 oz shot glass & one-hitter pipe combo is made from high grade borosilicate glass like your favorite bongs & water pipes and will provide the perfect assist for pulling off a legendary strikeout. Take a hit, chug a beer, take a shot, then exhale!

Grav Labs Shot Glass Taster Pipe

Grav incorporated everything it takes to have a good time in this Glass piece with a 2 oz shot of something strong and a drag of something potent. The Grav Shot Glass measures 3” inches tall and is made on thick 38mm tubing with a Taster® Pipe fused at a slightly downward angle on the side. We recommend packing the one-hitter tight with your dry herbs to avoid spillage and gently torching the ground material to keep it set. Then fill the glass with a shot of Irish Whiskey or your favorite liqour and enjoy!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs & Booze 🌿🍺
Grav Shot Glass & Taster Pipe Combo
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Made on 38mm Tubing
2.8mm Thickness
Unique Design
3” inches Tall
2 oz. Shot Glass
Choice of Colored Grav Decal
Designed in the USA [Austin, TX]

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