Grav® XL 18” Steamroller Pipe

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Perhaps you landed on this page thinking you found a typo. If so, guess again. This ginormous glass steamroller from Grav really measures in at a full 18” inches in length! If the hits you get from traditional sized hand pipes just aren’t cutting it anymore, the Grav XL 18” inch Steamroller Pipe is the perfect glass pipe to take your game to the next level. By far and away the largest hand pipe we carry, you may very well need a friend to help slay this 1.5’ foot long behemoth; which is perfect because it's built to be the ultimate party piece! This outrageously large steamroller is made from super thick, clear borosilicate glass that expertly showcases your monstrous hits building within the huge inner chamber. When it's time to clear said chamber, the extra large steamroller style air carb is located on the front of the pipe, and works best using the palm of your hand as opposed to one finger unlike its smaller peers.

The Grav XL Steamroller Pipe is equipped with an 18mm female joint that houses an included 18mm Grav Funnel Bowl Piece designed for plentiful bowl packs of your favorite dry herbs. An included Keck clip (plastic joint clamp) holds the flower bowl in place when in use, while the worked glass marble feet on the base of the pipe prevent this mammoth from rolling away when tabled. Steamrollers are already well-known for providing dense clouds of pure unadulterated smoke, so it doesn't need to be said twice that the Extra Large Steamroller from Grav packs a mighty punch. Whether you're an unwavering hand pipe connoisseur, die-hard Grav fanatic, or just love insane glass novelty pipes, the Grav XL Steamroller provides an uncompromising 18” inches of fury that always delivers. 

Grav Extra Large Steamroller Pipe

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Grav® Extra Large Steamroller 
Premium Borosilicate Glass
The Ultimate Party Piece
Novelty Collectors Pipe
18” inches in Length
Heavy Wall Tubing
90° Joint Angle
Unique Design
Thick Clear Glass
18mm Female Joint
Stabilizing Marble Feet
18mm Grav Funnel Bowl
18mm Keck Clip Included
Sandblasted GRAV Decals
Large Front & Center Air Carb
Scientific Glass Steamroller Pipe
American Made Glass [Austin, TX]

Caution: The Grav Extra Large Steamroller Pipe produces heavy, potent hits that will likely flatten you like a pancake. Proceed with caution.

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