Glassheads 13” Rasta Gandalf Hand Pipe

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Owning this pipe doesn’t exactly make you a wizard, but you‘ll certainly feel like one smoking from it. Made by Glassheads out of Savannah GA, this Gandalf pipe is guaranteed to turn heads the next time you spark up. The Glassheads Rasta Gandalf Hand Pipe measures a large 13” inches in length, giving your smoke ample time to cool down within the borosilicate glass walls. The extensive length also keeps the flame away from your face while lighting your herbs, and is perfect for those with beards or long hair for distancing any unwanted smells.

Rasta Gandalf Smoking Pipe

The Glassheads Rasta Gandalf Pipe is available in your choice between black or white colors, each style accented with a stripe of rasta colors around the bowl. Worked glass marble feet on the base of the bowl work as a convenient roll stop and allow this Gandalf pipe to sit upright when tabled. A deep bowl provides plenty of room for large bowl packs of your dry herbs, and a left side air carb offers full control over the size of each rip. Smoke like a wizard today with the Glassheads Rasta Gandalf Hand Pipe!

Extra Long Rasta Smoking Pipe

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿 
Glassheads Rasta Gandalf Hand Pipe
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Black or White Colors
Rasta Color Accents
13” inch Length
Marble Feet
Deep Bowl 
Thick Glass
Left Side Air Carb
Perfect Party Piece
Sherlock Style Flower Bowl
Classic Gandalf Style Hand Pipe

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