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Title: Beavis & Butthead
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ErrlyBird Torch Art is a line of fashionable butane torches featuring limited edition high-quality prints of original artwork designed specifically for each torch. These ErrlyBird Torches feature an easy to use “quik-fire” ignition system that enables use with just one hand. That same hand can be then be used for locking the flame in place & adjusting the flame size using levers on the side of the torch. As a testament to the quality, every Errlybird Torch was built to last and carries a no-proof needed lifetime warranty. When you purchase Torch Art, you're not only supporting an artist, but you're also buying a torch for life!

 Rick & Morty Torch by ErrlyBird Torch Art

Discontinued Collector’s Item:

Due to copyright infringement lawsuits, a number of these designs involving popular TV series were forced to be discontinued. You won’t find these designs in stock on the Errlybird website and few to none remain left in circulation. We chose some of our favorite designs, stocked up on the last few remaining, and now offer it to you at an unbeatable price! Compliment your dab rig setup today with a truly exclusive, limited edition Errlybird Torch Art Torch before they’re gone for good!

ErrlyBird Torch Art Torch

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ErrlyBird Torch Art Torches 🔥
"Quik-Fire" Ignition System
Reaches up to 2700°F
Adjustable Flame Size
Easy One Hand Use
Removable Base*
Flame Lock
Collectors Items
Exclusive Artwork**
Discontinued Designs
Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

* Refill with Butane at the Bottom - Filtered Butane Only

** When these torches were discontinued, the lawsuit required that the artists signature be removed. If you happen to receive one without a signature it just means it was one of the last few ever created! We fully guarantee the authenticity of each torch and if you ever have any doubts you can always reach out to ErrlyBird or Smoke Cartel Wholesale (their official retailer) using the serial number on the torch to confirm.

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