ErrlyBird Football Silicone Dab Mat

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Title: Seattle THCHawks
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Line up your dab rig at the goal line and throw touchdown sized dabs on your favorite football team’s home field with the 8” x 11” ErrlyBird Football Silicone Mat. These limited edition NFL themed mats are made from medical grade non-stick silicone and the perfect way to keep your tables clean from sticky wax concentrates. ErrlyBird's new platinum-cured silicone mat technology allows for printing on the inside of two layers of silicone which will prevent the artwork from ever wearing while providing you with two completely non-stick surfaces.

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
ErrlyBird Football Silicone Dab Mat

Medical Grade Non-Stick Surface
Platinum-Cured Silicone Mat
Measures 8” x 11” inches
Portable & Durable
Football Field Artwork Will Not Rub Off
Limited Edition Artwork Inspired by NFL Teams

** Wash before first use with antibacterial soap and water. Remove any oil stains by dabbing a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel then gently rubbing the stain off until removed.

*** Disclaimer: ErrlyBird & CaliConnected have no affiliation with the National Football League or associated teams.

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