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The Dip Devices Dipper Charging Dock is the most convenient way to store and charge your Dipper Vaporizer between uses! This new Dipper Vape Charging Dock includes 2 micro-USB cords to ensure your favorite dual-function vaporizer is always close at hand and fully charged. The dock features slots for holding your vaporizer and all of your favorite Dipper accessories in one convenient place. Easily store and charge your Dipper Vaporizer with the Dip Devices Charging Dock today!

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Dip Devices Dipper Vape Charging Dock 🔌
Fits the Dipper Vaporizer by Dip Devices
2 x Micro-USB Charging Cords
Slots for Dipper Accessories*
OEM Vaporizer Accessory
Highest Quality Materials
Vape to Bong Adapter

*Note: Charging dock only. Dipper Vaporizer & accessories pictured sold separately.

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