CaliConnected 16” Straight Tube Rocket Ship Bong

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Something about space exploration has always tickled our fancies. Just like our deep seeded obsession with outer space, this thick glass bong from CaliConnected is a sure bet to get your engines started. Shaped like a Nasa Rocket Ship preparing for blastoff, the Straight Tube Rocket Ship Bong features three layers of water diffusion and a triple pinched ice-catcher to provide super comfortable, ultra smooth smoke with every draw. As you light your dry herbs, the fixed downstem will lead each hit into the base where a honeycomb disc percolator starts the filtration process, using multiple tiny holes within the glass disc to filter out particulates from your smoke. Unlike your average straight tube water pipe, the Rocket Ship Bong has two floating glass chambers that reroute your smoke into separate air paths. This expanded airpath on the Straight Tube Rocket Ship Bong gives your smoke ample time to cool down within the thick borosilicate glass. Each floating chamber contains a showerhead percolator in the middle for an extra layer of moisture-conditioning to ensure a smooth takeoff. Your smoke reconvenes within the straight neck where you can stack up some ice cubes and enjoy icy cold rips like no either piece on the market.

Merging high-flying performance with affordable low-cost pricing, the Rocket Ship Bong from CaliConnected is a no-brainer addition to your glass hoard. This straight tube water pipe is finished with black accents around the sturdy flared base, ergonomic rounded mouthpiece, and above each showerhead perc chamber. Each of these thick glass bongs measure a large 16” inches tall and include an 18mm funnel bowl piece for your dry herbs. The downstem is fixed at a 90° upright angle and reinforced to ensure long-lasting dependability. Grab the CaliConnected Rocket Ship Bong today from the best online head shop and enjoy unrivaled functionality at an extremely low price you won't find anywhere else!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
CaliConnected Rocket Ship Water Pipe
Premium Borosilicate Glass Bong
Two Floating Recycler Chambers
Dual Showerhead Percolators
Honeycomb Disc Percolator
Triple Pinch Ice Catcher
Reinforced 90° Joint
16” inches Tall
Flared Base
Flared Mouthpiece
18mm Female Joint
18mm Glass Bowl Piece
Worked Maria Ring Accents
Black Color Wrapped Accents
Thick Scientific Glass Straight Tube

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