Blazer Firefox Mini Torch 🔥

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Color: Silver
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The Blazer Firefox Mini Torch is a versatile and powerful refillable butane dab torch combining the advanced features, world-class quality and industry-grade torching of Blazer products into a compact design. At just 4.5" tall, the Firefox Torch is ergonomic and easy to stash away. Boasting a large butane chamber, Firefox Mini has a lengthy 20 minute flame time. A clean, spark-free flame burns at a steady 2500F, perfect for dabbing. Adjust the flame size with precision to accommodate your dab nail size, and keep your torch secure with a child-proof lock. With over 28 years of experience in professional torches, Blazer has crafted one of their most powerful yet compact dab torches yet.

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Blazer Firefox Mini Torch Lighter 🔥
20 Minutes of Continuous Burn Time
Child Resistant Mechhanism
Adjustable Flame Size
Flame Locking Lever
Refillable Butane
2500F Flame
7oz Weight
4.5" inches Tall
Compact Design
World Class Craftsmanship

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