5” Inside-Out Hammer Bubbler

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Get yourself a handmade bubbler without sweating over your checkbook. Handmade in Nepal with slight variations in design, these imported hammer bubblers are put through a rigorous quality control check by our friends at Glassheads to guarantee a satisfactory product before reaching your living room. This brightly colored inside-out hammer bubbler is made by blowing the pipe with a colored design and allowing it to cool before adding extra layers of glass to the outside. This unique process allows for trippier designs and naturally a super thick & durable piece that you can rely on for years to come. As with all imports, we do our best to ship you a bubbler that best reflects the item in the photograph, but rest assured you’ll be receiving a custom one-of-a-kind bubbler that isn’t mass-produced on some assembly line.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
5" Inside-Out Hammer Bubbler
High Quality Borosilicate Glass
Blue, Red & Yellow Color Accents
Thick Inside-Out Design
Flat Base - Sits Upright
5” inches in Length
Handheld Bubbler
Left Handed Carb
Fixed Flower Bowl
Diffuser Downstem
Portable & Travel-Friendly
Imported Glass Bubbler Pipe
Handmade in Nepal

** These bubblers are individually handmade in Nepal and come with slight variations in design.

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