Yocan Sploof Air Filter

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Design: Penguin
Color: Blue
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If you are an indoor smoker who wants to keep odors more discreet, then the Yocan Sploof Air Filter has you covered. By utilizing an advanced air filter, this portable device is perfect for eliminating any unwanted smell or odor related to your extracurricular activities. The Yocan Sploof Air Filter keeps second-hand smoke away from friends, family, and neighbors. Its compact and lightweight design makes it small enough to fit inside your pocket, and it's perfect for traveling or storing discreetly. These filters come in multiple cool designs and colors to match any smoker's style. Get an accessory that will keep your house smelling clean with the Yocan Sploof Air Filter today!

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Yocan Sploof Air Filter
Keeps Second-Hand Smoke Away
Environmentally Friendly Product
Controls Second-Hand Smoke
Estimated at 600+ Uses
Compact & Travel-Friendly
Magically Removes Smoke & Odor

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