Pulsar 16” Sweet Nectar Glycerin Stacker Bong

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Sweet, smooth, and stackable... light up with the Pulsar Sweet Nectar Glycerin Stacker Bong and see what all the buzz is about! This piece is not just a bong but a work of art crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass. What sets this bong apart is its satisfyingly modular design, allowing you to disassemble it with ease, which not only adds a fun element to your smoking experience but also makes cleaning a breeze. As you light up, smoke is initially filtered through the slitted downstem diffuser, and then further refined by passing through an additional pyramid percolator. This dual filtration system ensures a smooth and clean hit every time.

The bong stands tall at 16” inches (40.64cm) when fully assembled, making it an imposing yet elegant addition to your collection. The upper attachment of this bong is a standout feature, filled with glycerin that can be frozen for rapid cooling of the smoke. This section, designed with a spiral airpath, is conveniently sized to fit into a freezer, a practical consideration for those who prefer a cooler hit. The bong is adorned with the Sweet Nectar design, featuring busy bees and dripping honey around its base and neck, adding a touch of whimsy and charm. Each bong comes with a 14mm male herb slide, complementing its sophisticated design. The Pulsar Sweet Nectar Glycerin Stacker Bong is a perfect blend of creative design and practical functionality, ideal for those who appreciate a smooth, cool smoking experience.

*Important: For optimal cooling, place the glycerin-filled section in the freezer for one hour before use. Remember not to remove the glycerin plug.

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