Grav® Hourglass Pocket Bubbler

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Time keeps on slippin’, slippin', slippin’... into this classic Grav Hourglass Pocket Bubbler! This economy piece stands compact at 4.75” inches tall with a 3” inch tall hourglass chamber, making it perfect for both on-the-go use or passing around indoors. The hourglass shape makes this bubbler easy to grip, and the angled sidecar neck works as a splash guard to prevent the bubbling water inside from reaching your lips. The fission downstem housed in the center of the hourglass works to effectively filter your smoke through water within the base, with strategically angled holes that face the chamber's sides and away from the mouthpiece.

Grav Hourglass Pocket Bubbler

The lack of removable parts makes the Grav Hourglass Pocket Bubbler even more travel-friendly by reducing the risk of breakage while on the road. Likewise, the flared hourglass base helps to keep this mini bong sturdy on any flat surface. The 10mm male Cup Bowl Piece has a worked glass Maria ring for safe handling and sits flush within the 10mm female joint. Since the Hourglass Bubbler utilizes a removable bowl slide rather than an air carb hole like other bubblers on the market, smelly used water will never come in contact with your fingers. Get lost in time with the highly affordable Hourglass Pocket Bubbler from Grav today!

Grav Hourglass Pocket Bubbler

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Grav® Hourglass Pocket Bubbler
High-Grade Borosilicate Glass
Fixed Fission Downstem
Ergonomic Mouthpiece
Angled Sidecar Neck
4.75” inches Tall
90° Joint Angle
Clear Glass Body
10mm Female Joint
10mm Grav Cup Bowl
Travel-Friendly Design
Sandblasted GRAV Decal
Scientific Glass Water Pipe

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