Vodka Glass "Rosaline" - 11” Diamond Series Bong

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Spoil yourself with this luxurious glass bong from Vodka Glass. Produced by Famous Brandz, the Diamond Series Collection from Vodka Glass features a full selection of eye-catching glass bongs with diamond-cut bases, mouthpieces, and matching bowl pieces. The Rosaline Bong delivers smooth & rich smoke every use thanks to the diamond cut matrix percolator housed within the base. The Matrix Perc effectively filters each hit through water and begins the cooling process as your smoke is funneled upwards through the pinched pyramid chamber mouthpiece.

This unique design doesn't just look good but works to create the Venturi effect by compressing the air path in the center. This phenomenon decreases the velocity of each hit thereby increasing the time your smoke has to cool down within the thick borosilicate glass walls of the pyramid chamber. This scientific glass bong stands 11” inches tall and is decked out with a Vodka Glass decal on the neck and a matching Diamond Series emblem on the fixed downstem. Enjoy refined diffusion, superior cooling power, and an extra dose of luxury today with the Vodka Glass Rosaline Water Pipe. 

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Vodka Glass Rosaline Water Pipe
High-Quality Borosilicate Glass
Diamond-Cut Matrix Percolator
Pinched Pyramid Chamber
Ice Catcher/Splash Guard
90° Banger Hanger Joint
Venturi Mouthpiece
Stemless Design
11” inches Tall
4.5” inch Base
Vodka Glass Logo
Diamond Series Decal
18mm Matching Bowl Piece
18mm Ground Female Joint
Super Thick Scientific Glass Bong
Diamond-Cut Glass Accents (Base, Lip, Bowl)

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