R Series Twin Turbo Torch by #ThisThingRips 🔥

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The most powerful and most advanced torch lighter in the R Series from #ThisThingRips, the Twin Turbo was designed with serious dab enthusiasts in mind. Equipped with dual barrels for ultimate flame spewing, average torches can't even come close to matching the Twin Turbos fiery goodness. Featuring an unprecedented 20 port fuel system, the TT can spit dual 9" flames with ease. Like all R Series torches from #ThisThingRips, the TT utilizes a patented Sure-Spark Piezo wire, which ensures instant ignition time and time again.

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R Series Twin Turbo Torch by #ThisThingRips 🔥 
Lifetime Warranty
Flame Lock Option
Flame Size Adjuster
20 Port Fuel System
Anodized Outer Barrel
Sure-Spark Piezo Wire
Maximum 9” Flame Size
Controlled Heat Dispersion
Grade A Ceramic Inner Barrel
Maximum Flame Temp - 2700°F

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