Randy’s Chill Freezable Vaporizer 🍯🌿

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Randy's Chill is the world’s first & only vaporizer in the world with a freezable tube! The Chill is a premium 2-in-1 portable vaporizer compatible with both dry herbs & wax concentrates. Enjoy full flavors, without coughing up a lung, thanks to the Chill’s freezable tube mouthpiece that cools down your vapor to the perfect temperature. Unlike water that expands when frozen, the Randy’s freezable tube is filled with glycerin that won't expand and crack the glass, while maintaining a colder temperature longer than ice.

Randys Chill Freezable Vape

As if the freezable mouthpiece wasn’t great enough, the Chill also comes with an aqua bubbler mouthpiece for portable water filtration. The bubbler mouthpiece is great if you don’t have time to freeze your tube as it still delivers smooth & filtered hits with an added layer of percolation. Both interchangeable mouthpieces are included with the Randy’s chill and easy to swap out at any time you please. For an even colder experience, you can snag the Randy’s 5.5” inch Freezable Icicle Attachment for an extra long mouthpiece that further extends the air path and gives your vapor even more time to cool down.

Randys Chill Freezable Vape

Switching between the included dry herb & concentrate coil atomizers are as smooth as this vaporizer rips. The Randy’s Chill features a revolutionary magnetic chamber that securely houses your atomizer within the body and allows for the easiest possible transition when you want to change materials. The atomizer chamber is fashioned with a strong rare earth magnet that firmly holds your coils in place, and the door to expose the chamber easily swings open to make swapping atomizers & cleaning your vape a breeze. Dual functionality in a vaporizer is nothing out of the ordinary, but the simple & efficient design of the Randy’s Chill goes unmatched.

Randys Chill Freezable Vape

The unique & innovative design of the Randy’s Chill doesn’t end there. Everything you need is packed right inside this vaporizer—storage in the bottom will house the atomizer your not using with room for the included metal dab tool. Choose between 3 fashionable colors and enjoy the icy colds rips on-the-go with the coolest vaporizer in the game right now.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs & Wax 🌿🍯
Randy’s Chill Freezable Handheld Vaporizer
World’s First & Only Freezable Vape
3 Optimized Temperature Settings
Built in Storage for Extra Coil
Freezable Tube Mouthpiece
Aqua Bubbler Mouthpiece
Variable Voltage Battery
1.5” inches Wide
4.5” inches Tall
Easy to Use
Multiple Colors
Dual Functionality
Included Metal Dab Tool
Compact & Travel-Friendly
From the Makers of Randy's Wired Rolling Papers

** Upgrade your Chill with the Randy’s 5.5” Icicle Attachment for an even colder experience! **

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