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This seemingly ordinary can of Budweiser may look real, but it won’t get you buzzed like a real beer. Instead this Budweiser Beer can was designed to hide your valuables in plain sight with a hidden storage compartment on the inside! Every stash can diversion safe we carry is made of recycled food, beverage, or household products so they are truly authentic and extra stealthy. Perfect for the fridge or pantry, the Budweiser Beer Stash Can easily blends into any room and is equipped with a middle layer between the stash compartment & exterior that is weighted to replicate a full can of beer. Simply twist open the top of the can to reveal the secret compartment inside. Snag one today and confidently hide your precious stash and important valuables with an affordable diversion safe disguised as a normal can of beer!

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Budweiser Beer Stash Can 
Made from Authentic Recycled Cans
Weighted to Replicate Full Can
Blends into Normal Scenery
Original Budweiser Can
Secret Compartment
Made in the USA
Twist-Off Top
4.75” inches Tall
2.5” inches Wide
Storage Depth: 3.5”
Storage Diameter: 1.5”
Beer Can Diversion Safe
Stealthy Storage Container
Unique Home Security Product
Hides your Valuables in Plain Sight!

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