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The Ritual Cloak 510 Battery is a premium choice for vaping enthusiasts, offering a blend of high-quality construction and advanced technology. This variable voltage 510 battery is tailored for optimal compatibility with various 510 cartridges, making it a versatile option for different vaping styles. It features three finely tuned voltage settings, each engineered to deliver the best possible flavor-to-vapor ratio, setting it apart from other batteries in the market.

What makes The Cloak stand out is its conceal style design, which comfortably fits up to 2g cartridges. It includes a USB-C charging cable and boasts a rapid charging feature, powering up fully in just 20-30 minutes. Additionally, The Cloak comes with a Sesh Mode/Pre-Heat function, further enhancing the vaping experience. Its temperature settings are thoughtfully adjusted: Green for more flavor with less vapor, Yellow for a balanced flavor and vapor, and Red for a higher voltage setting, offering flexibility to suit individual preferences. The optimized airflow of the battery is designed to produce thick, milky rips, making each session with The Cloak a satisfying vaping experience.

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