High Society Dugout w. Mini Grinder Black

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The High Society Dugout with Mini Grinder Black is a highly functional and convenient accessory for those who prefer quick and discreet smoking sessions. This innovative product combines the traditional dugout system with a built-in grinder, offering a compact and efficient solution for preparing and consuming herbs on the go.

Dugouts are a staple product in smoke shops but are often unfamiliar to many. Essentially, they are containers that hold ground herb and a one-hitter pipe. The High Society version enhances this traditional design by integrating a mini grinder directly into the dugout. This addition means you have almost everything you need (except a lighter) for a smoking session anytime, anywhere. The design is perfect for individuals who value convenience and efficiency in their smoking routine.

This dugout and mini grinder combo provides the perfect toolkit for on-the-road consumption of your herbs. The built-in grinder ensures your herbs are always freshly ground, enhancing the quality of your smoking experience. This product is not only practical but also reflects the innovative approach of High Society in designing smoking accessories that cater to the modern consumer's needs.

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