Yocan Loaded Wax Vaporizer Pen 🍯

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The Yocan Loaded Vaporizer houses a 1400mAh battery, an innovative chamber door for switching out coils and an extendable mouthpiece, all wrapped up into a portable & pocket-friendly pen-style design. Yocan understands that a longer air path delivers smoother vapor, so they equipped the Loaded with an extendable mouthpiece that further cools each rip. A quick counter-clockwise turn extends the mouthpiece to appease those who don’t want to be too close to the heating element but still want an enjoyable session. A detachable, magnetic stash container at the base is divided into two sections to allow you to store different concentrate flavors while the choice between a quad quartz coil and dual quartz coil atomizers accommodates both cloud chasers and flavor-savors alike.

Yocan Loaded Vaporizer

There are two coil options for the Yocan Loaded vaporizer, both of which are included with your purchase. The dual quartz coil delivers solid vapor production while still preserving the flavor of your concentrates. The quad quartz coil atomizer is better for blowing large clouds, doubling up the number of coils to guarantee thick vapor and a faster heat-up time. To streamline the process of switching out atomizers, Yocan gave the Loaded a door that swings out and magnetically connects to your chosen atomizer as seen above. Instead of having to screw & unscrew atomizers, you can now slide a fresh one in without the risk of damaging the threading. To experience different vapor profiles and tastes, just pull the door open to remove your coil and connect the new atomizer.

The 1400mAh battery inside the Yocan Loaded is one of the most powerful batteries found in a vaporizer pen. The large battery capacity offers concentrate users a full day of vaping off of just one charge while pass-through technology conveniently allows the Yocan Loaded to be used while it is plugged in. Snag this unique wax vaporizer pen that comes fully loaded with unprecedented functionality and unique features that set it apart from the pack.

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Yocan Loaded Wax Vaporizer Pen
Premium Quartz Atomizers (2)
Compact all-in-one Design
Magnetic Chamber Door
Extendable Mouthpiece
Built-In Wax Storage
Included Dab Tool
Multiple Colors
5.5” inches Tall
1400mAh Battery
Micro-USB Charging
Pass-Through Charging
5-Second Heat Up Time
Dual Quartz Coil Atomizer
Quad Quartz Coil Atomizer
Portable & Pocket-Friendly

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