Water Puff Instant Water Pipe Bottle Adapter

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One man’s trash could very well be your next treasure. Transform any good-for-nothing plastic bottle into a fully functional bong with the Water Puff Instant Water Pipe Adapter! This innovative device is super easy to assemble and can be used with nearly any screw-top bottle. Simply fill your empty bottle with some water, screw the plastic nozzle onto the mouthpiece of the bottle, and insert the glass bowl. With an easy to assemble 2-part design, the Water Puff Instant Water Pipe Adapter can be assembled in a matter of seconds and is perfectly suited for any adventure.

The Water Puff Water Pipe Adapter features a long downstem that can be submerged into icy cold water, or any beverage of your choosing, while the rubber grommet joint can be lifted for an effortless inhale. Put an end to the hassle of cleaning your glass bong and simply throw away your bottle whenever you wish to replace it. Choose your favorite color and start enjoying one of the most efficient smoking devices on the market with any ordinary plastic bottle!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Water Puff Instant Water Pipe Adapter
Fits Nearly Any Screw-Top Bottle
Male Glass Bowl Piece
Rubber Grommet
2-Part Design
90° Joint
Clear Glass
Variety of Colors
Super Easy Installation
Portable & Travel-Friendly 

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