Cinderwitch VioSparc - The Flameless Lighter Designed for Pipes 🔥

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Start enjoying the cleanest inhale on the planet with the unique VioSparc Lighter from Cinderwitch Torches. The VioSparc is the first of its kind, flameless electric lighter designed specifically for hand pipes and water pipe bowl pieces. The signature double-electric arc instantly ignites your favorite dry herbs without using fire or fuel, eliminating harsh taste and toxins associated with butane lighters. Unlike other lighters with an electric arc, the ergonomic design of the Cinderwitch VioSparc makes handling this lighter safe & easy, especially with 45 and 90-degree angles commonly found on water pipes.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
VioSparc Lighter by Cinderwitch 🔥
Windproof & Flameless Lighter
Designed for Water Pipes
Visible Double-Electric Arc
Fully Electric & Rechargeable
Measures 5” inches in Length
Silicone Storage Cap Included
Portable & Travel-Friendly
Designed in the USA
Clean, Renewable Power
No Butane, No Fluids, No Nasty Chemicals

Instructions for Use:

When the VioSparc electric lighter is plugged in via USB, a red light will indicate the device is charging and a green light will tell you when charging is complete. Press the power button three times in quick succession to switch the lighter from on or off. Then simply press & hold the power button to use the flameless VioSparc lighter as desired. As a safety precaution, the VioSparc electric arc will automatically shut off after about 7-8 seconds, and the device itself will turn off entirely after 7 minutes without use.

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