UPC Triple Bubbler Dab Rig - 50mm x 5mm Glass

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The perfect middle ground of UPC’s unique line of bubbler rig’s, the 50mm x 5mm Triple Bubbler Dab Rig has three separate percolation chambers each containing fixed diffuser downstems that work together simultaneously to cool down your vapor before reaching the bent neck mouthpiece. Standing at 8” inches tall and made from heavy duty 50mm diameter wall tubing, this UPC bubbler is extremely durable despite its delicate look. The Triple Bubbler chambers are conveniently aligned to create a tripod position that allow this piece to sit upright on your table, keeping your hands free to load up your favorite wax concentrates into the included quartz banger.

UPC Triple Bubbler Dab Rig

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
UPC 50mm x 5mm Triple Bubbler Dab Rig
8” Inch Triple Chamber Bubbler Rig
5mm Thick, Premium Borosilicate Glass
50mm Heavy Wall Diameter Tubing
3 x Fixed Diffuser Downstems
Balanced Tripod Alignment
Bent Neck Mouthpiece
14mm Male Joint
14mm Female Quartz Banger Included
UPC & “California Handmade” Decals
Proudly Handmade in the USA

UPC Triple Bubbler Dab Rig

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