Trailer Park Boys 14” Silicone Silibong Water Pipe

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Color: Triple Threat Black
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Not only is this water pipe damn near indestructible, it's Trailer Park Boys approved! Designed by Famous Brandz in collaboration with the real life Trailer Park Boys, the Silibong Water Pipe has taken the trend-setting silicone bong design and packed it with even more useful features & functionality. The Silibong Water Pipe stands a large 14” inches tall and boasts an unbreakable design made from high quality silicone. Perhaps the most innovative component, the Silibong features a sturdy suction cup base that provides a super secure connection to any smooth surface and always keeps your bong sitting upright. This straight tube bong is equipped with a 4” inch removable glass downstem at the base that effectively filters your smoke through water using slits at the bottom. The included 14.5mm male bowl piece and diffuser downstem are both made of glass to help further cool your smoke and preserve the tastes of your herbs, so the Silibong Water Pipe will rip just like your favorite glass bong. Just above the 45° joint rests a removable ice catcher, allowing you to stack up cubes within the straight neck for smoke as ice cold as the Rockies.

The Trailer Park Boys Silicone Silibong is made from 100% BPA free, food-grade silicone. Bend it, twist it, or fold it in half, the indestructible design of the Silibong Water Pipe won't break, even for the clumsiest of smokers. The impact resistant body paired with the lightweight properties of silicone allow you to pack & transport your new bong wherever you wish without the fear of accidents or broken glass. Food-grade silicone is highly heat-resistant like glass so it will never deteriorate with continued use, nor will it tarnish the tastes of your herbs.

Trailer Park Boys Silibong Water Pipes

The included glass diffuser downstem & dry herb bowl piece are decked out with officially licensed Trailer Park Boys Decals, while the straight tube neck features a triple printed image of the TPB characters. The ‘Triple Threat’ Silibong Water Pipe features the whole gang and comes in a sexy & sleek black color. The ‘Bubbles’ Silibong showcases the world’s most notorious kitty-lover in a chill shade of blue, while the ‘Julian’ Water Pipe is decorated with the sexiest man since Swayze and comes in a stylish shade of purple. Last but never least, the ‘Ricky’ Silibong Water Pipe features everyone’s favorite stoner and comes in a vibrant shade of green. The Trailer Park Boys Silibong is perfect for indoor & outdoor use as you see fit, and will have you medicating with your favorite stoner hooligans in no time at all!

Trailer Park Boys Silicone Straight Tube Bong

This unique, indestructible, and party approved silicone bong from Famous Brandz makes a great gift and will last for years with proper maintenance—a painless feat given every feature on the Silibong Water Pipe is removable for easy cleaning. Enjoy the smoothest & coolest rips of all time, at home or on-the-go, with the exceedingly versatile 14” inch Silibong Water Pipe from the Trailer Park Boys!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Trailer Park Boys Silibong Water Pipe
Made from BPA Free Food-Grade Silicone
Flexible & Unbreakable Construction
Removable Diffuser Downstem
Originally Designed Graphics
Unique Suction Cup Base
Removable Ice Catcher
Impact Resistant Body
Straight Tube Design
14” inches Tall
45° Joint
Easy to Clean
14.5mm Female Joint
Compact & Easy to Store
Choice of Colors/Graphics
Lightweight & Travel-Friendly
4” 18mm-to-14mm Glass Downstem
14.5mm Glass Funnel Bowl w. Handle
Indestructible Silicone Straight Tube Bong
Officially Licensed Trailer Park Boys Decals
Trailer Park Boys x Famous Brandz Collaboration

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