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Trailer Park Boys Water Pipe, Ricky

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The Famous Brandz Trailer Park Boys Ricky Water Pipe is a high quality borosilicate water pipe bearing the likeness of none other than Ricky from Trailer Park Boys. Brash and bold like the character Ricky himself, the Trailer Park Boys Ricky Water Pipe delivers extra smooth hits with an ice pinch design that cools smoke with ice cubes as it passes through the chamber. A flared base adds an extra level of stability to the bong, ensuring it won't tip over. Black accents complement the crystal clear glass build. The Ricky water pipe provides quality bong rips while paying homage to the legendary Trailer Park Boys. This unit features a ground glass connection with an 18mm female slide and 14mm ground glass bowl.

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Compatible with herbs 🌿
Trailer Park Boys Themed
Flared Base
Ice Pinch
Borosilicate Glass
Black Accents
14mm Ground Glass Connection

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