The China Glass “Kublai” Hammer Bubbler

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No this isn’t some ancient museum-worthy tobacco pipe--The China Glass “Kublai” Hammer bubbler is a thick glass water pipe bubbler with an unmatched design and unique Chinese swagger. Traditional elegance meets warrior strength in this affordable hammer-style bubbler handcrafted by The China Glass in the Hebei Province with thick borosilicate glass. The “Kublai” Hammer Bubbler features traditional Chinese decals throughout the body, a comfortable design that fits in one hand, and superb water filtration from your favorite dry herbs. 

The China Glass “Kublai” Hammer Bubbler

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Compatible with dry herbs 🌿
The China Glass “Kublai” Hammer Bubbler
High-Quality Thick Glass Water Pipe
Traditional Chinese Print Decals
Flat Base Sits Upright
White Jade Glass
7.5” inches Long
Comfortable Grip
Colored Glass Accents
Portable & Travel-Friendly
Scientific Glass Bubbler Pipe
Handmade in the Hebei Province, China

The China Glass “Kublai” Hammer Bubbler

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