The China Glass "Genghis" Standing Bubbler

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Bring the sophistication of traditional fine china to your next sesh with the China Glass "Genghis" Standing Bubbler. Hand blown by The China Glass in the Hebei province of China, this large 8” inch bubbler pipe makes for an exemplary conversation starter and perfect table piece. Featuring authentic and traditional Chinese print decals on premium white & black borosilicate tubing, the “Genghis” Bubbler includes a matching male flower bowl that sits stealthily above a fixed diffuser downstem providing quality filtration.

The China Glass "Genghis" Bubbler Bong

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
The China Glass "Genghis" Standing Bubbler
Premium Black & White Borosilicate Tubing
Traditional Chinese Print Decals
Fixed Diffuser Downstem
8” inches Tall
Handheld & Portable
14.5mm Female Joint
14.5mm Deep Male Flower Bowl Included
Hand Blown in the Hebei Province, China

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