Metallic Blue Sword Blade Dabber Tool & Carb Cap ⚔️

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Pick up thy mighty sword and bring it down swiftly upon thy nail with this legendary dab sword from DabWorthy. Forged from high quality stainless steel, this impressive 5” Sword Dabber Tool is equipped with a metallic blue blade-like edge and wide surface for easily cutting and maneuvering your wax concentrates. Spin the sword dabber around and it conveniently doubles as a handy carb cap that fits any regular sized banger! The DabWorthy Sword Blade Dabber Tool & Carb Cap combo is topped off with an elegant blue tone metallic finish for a sword that's easy to wield and even easier to admire.

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Designed for Sticky Wax Concentrates 🍯
DabWorthy Sword Blade Dabber Tool
2-in-1 Dabber Carb Cap Combo
High Quality Stainless Steel
Wide Surfaced Dabber
5” inches in Length
Oil Rig Accessory
Compact & Portable
Carb Cap fits Most Nails
Sword Themed Dabber Tool
Blue Tone Colored Metallic Finish
Sword Edge for Cutting Concentrates

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