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The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is one of the distinguished leaders of the vaporizer community and for great reason. This top-of-the-line desktop vaporizer is made right here in the USA from high quality components by manufacturer 7th Floor and includes a wealth of options to customize your vaping experience. The unit is made with a wide variety of designs, colors, and heating cover possibilities for a truly individual device. Each Silver Surfer Vaporizer features a custom glass knob and heater cover that are colorful and completely unique. 7th Floor also hand blows each of their glass pieces to ensure only the highest quality components exist.

Unlike other desktop vaporizers with metal heating elements, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is equipped with a completely encased ceramic heating element that is removed from the electronics to eliminate any form of toxins from being added to your vapor. This heating element has been engineered to last longer and reach the desired temperatures faster than any other vape on the market. The Silver Surfer also utilizes a unique whip attachment with a reverse 90° angled design that prevents your materials from falling out of the wand and uses the the force of gravity to effectively vaporize your dry herbs.

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer uses a ground glass connection that allows you to vaporize without holding the whip in place, providing a true hands free experience. Rest the wand on the heating element and inhale at your leisure. The wand and heater cover fit perfectly snug to create a seal so no vapor is lost in the process. Hands-free operation does necessitate regular stirring in order to achieve an even vaporization of the material. Each unit includes a padded travel case that makes traveling with your vaporizer stress-free, simple and easy. The Silver Surfer also comes with a complete 3 year warranty that covers the heating element and all of the electronic components.

To begin using your fancy new desktop vaporizer, simply turn the device on and adjust the temperature knob to your desired heat setting (we recommend setting the dial at 2 o’clock position to start). Grind up your favorite dry herbs to maximize the surface area of your material then place them into the end of the wand and attach it to the heater cover. That’s it! The Silver Surfer features an indicator light that conveniently brightens and dims as you adjust the temperature respectively. To keep your Silver Surfer functioning flawlessly, regular cleaning of the glass elements is highly recommended when residue builds up. Depending on frequency of use, the stainless steel screens and tubing should also be replaced every 2-3 months for optimal taste.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Silver Surfer Vaporizer by 7th Floor
100% Convection - No Combustion
High-Quality Ceramic Heating Element
Custom Glass Knob & Heater Cover
90° Degree Angled Attachment
Variety of Colors & Designs
Ground Glass Connection
Hands-Free Functionality
Clear Glass Mouthpiece
Ground Glass Wand
3 ft. of Vapor Tubing
Glass Marble Stir Tool
3 x Replacement Screens
Hand-Blown Glass Pieces
Detailed Instruction Manual
Three Year Warranty on Parts**
Padded Storage/Travel Bag Included
Made in the USA [Colorado Springs, CO] 🇺🇸

** Note: Silver Surfer Glass Components are not covered under the 3-year warranty.

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