Sesh Supply “Theseus” Spill Proof Chubbler - Spoon x Bubbler Hybrid Pipe

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In Greek mythology, Theseus was a Greek hero who embodied many qualities including strength & courage, while remaining equally well known for his intelligence and wisdom. For that reason, this Sesh Supply spoon bubbler hybrid was named in his honor for encompassing multiple positive qualities into one 6” inch piece. The Theseus chubbler is half spoon half bubbler and the ideal solution for those seeking a new piece with the portability of a spoon, but still yearn for the percolation and filtration of a bubbler. Designed for the adventurer, the Theseus bubbler is made with thick 3mm glass and a complex internal system of chambers that not only filters the vapor and smoke, but also remains spill-proof.

Sesh Supply Theseus Glass Chubbler Pipe

To use the Sesh Supply “Theseus” Chubbler, simply fill up the internal chamber with water by pouring through the mouthpiece, just enough so it percolates. To clean and empty, it's as easy as blowing air through the mouthpiece out, forcing the water out of the choke. Spill-proof, easy to use, no splash-back, and with a healthy sized bowl, you can't go wrong with the reliable and multifaceted Theseus Spoon Bubbler.

Sesh Supply Theseus Glass Chubbler Pipe

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Sesh Supply “Theseus” Chubbler Pipe
The first of its kind Spoon x Bubbler Hybrid
6” inches Long
Easy to Use
No Splash-Back
Large Sized Flower Bowl
3mm Thick Scientific Glass
Handheld & Discreet
Black & Gold Sesh Supply Decal

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