Sesh Supply “Poseidon” - 17” Triple Chamber Monster Bong

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Blow some serious storm clouds with the Sesh Supply “Poseidon,” a Triple Chambered Glass Water Pipe meant for serious rips of your dry herbs. Aptly named after Poseidon, Greek god of the Sea, this heavy duty 17” inch straight tube bong puts the water inside to good work using a trifecta of diffusion & percolation. The Sesh Supply Poseidon features two inverted monster can showerhead percs, also known as fat cans, that will bubble & chug your smoke as it makes its way upwards from the first chamber to the second through a honeycomb disc perc that separates the two.

The middle chamber of the Sesh Supply Poseidon is stacked with not just one, but TWO inverted showerheads, that work to further diffuse your smoke before moving into the third & final chamber. The uppermost chamber houses a 6-slit splash guard designed to redirect your smoke and prevent water from entering the mouthpiece. Equipped with an ice pinch for stacking ice cubes and three worked Maria rings on the neck for added style & grip, the Triple Chambered Sesh Supply Poseidon is a godly glass bong with a boundless storm of filtration!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Sesh Supply “Poseidon” Water Pipe
2 x Sets of 3 Inverted Showerhead Percs
Triple Chamber Monster Fat Can Percs
High Quality Borosilicate Glass

HoneyComb Disc Perc
6-Slit Splash Guard
17” inches Tall
Ice Pinch/Catcher
Thick Stable Base
Reinforced 90° Downstem
Thick Scientific Glass Bong
18mm Polished Female Joint
18mm Male Bowl Piece Included
Black & Gold Sesh Supply Decals
Three Worked Maria Rings on Neck

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