Sesh Supply “Artemis” Dab Rig - 9” Swiss Recycler w. Propeller Perc

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Appropriately named after the Greek Goddess of the Hunt - Artemis, this Sesh Supply Water Pipe hits the mark each & every time. Though smaller in stature, the 8.5” Sesh Supply Artemis Swiss Recycler is built to handle huge dabs from your concentrates. Watch as your smoke travels through the fixed downstem and into the signature kinetic propellor perc that spins around as you inhale. From there your smoke moves upward into the Swiss recycler body to offer the final level of true diffusion before reaching the bent neck color wrapped mouthpiece. The Sesh Supply Artemis Recycler will be your perfect partner in the hunt to find comfortably smooth hits from your favorite wax concentrates.

Sesh Supply “Artemis” Dab Rig

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Sesh Supply “Artemis” Dab Rig
Premium Colored Percs & Color Wrapped Lip
High Quality, Thick Borosilicate Glass
Fixed Downstem into Beaker Base

Signature Kinetic Propeller Perc
Swiss Perc Recycler
9" inches Tall
14.5mm Male Joint
Female Dome Included 
Proudly designed in the USA

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