Ronin Glass "Daito" Bong - 17.5” Modular 3-Piece UFO Perc Water Pipe

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This modular glass bong from Ronin Glass is equipped with 3 interchangeable sections for a custom smoking experience like you’ve never experienced before. The Ronin Glass “Diato” shares its name with the long sword carried by the high-ranking ancient samurais, measuring 17.5” inches tall when fully assembled. The base of this water pipe features a reinforced 90° Dewar’s joint, equipped with an 18mm female joint and an included 18mm dry herb bowl piece. An extra thick flared base supports the first of two UFO showerhead percolators that begin the process of filtering & cooling each rip to silky smooth perfection. The middle chamber on the Ronin Glass “Daito” water pipe is optional, and houses another UFO showerhead percolator for adding an extra layer of diffusion & moisture-conditioning to your smoke. To top things off, a bent neck attachment with a comfortable flared mouthpiece adds a classy touch to your new glass bong while doubling as a splash guard to prevent the water from reaching your lips. 

Not only does this unique design allow you to customize your piece and change arrangements, but it also provides you with a much easier way to clean each individual section and keep this monster water pipe spotless. The Ronin Glass "Daito" Modular Three Piece Bong stands an extra large 17.5” inches tall with all 3 attachments, each part held securely together by plastic Keck clips at each glass-on-glass joint for an airtight seal. The keck clips are made from acrylic/plastic materials, so we highly suggest leaving this bong tabled while in use or picking it up by the base if passing around. Every section of the “Diato” Three Piece Bong is blown from thick borosilicate glass and finished with red & black Ronin Glass decals. Grab the Ronin Glass "Daito" Modular UFO Perc Bong today and enjoy two premium glass bongs for the price of one!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Ronin Glass "Daito" Water Pipe
Modular 3-Piece UFO Perc Bong
High Quality Borosilicate Glass
2 x Large UFO Percolators
Bent Neck Splash Guard
2-in-1 Modular Design
Interchangeable Parts
Fixed 90° Downstem
Flared Mouthpiece
17.5” inches Tall
Flared Base
Easy to Clean
Thick Clear Glass
18mm Female Joint
18mm Male Bowl Piece 
Reinforced Dewar's Joint
Choice of Colored Accents
Black/Red Ronin Glass Decals
2 x Plastic/Acrylic Keck Clips Included
Scientific Glass Straight Tube Water Pipe

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