Roll It Club HighRoller Grinder & Cone Filler

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The HighRoller Grinder & Cone Filler from Roll It Club gives you all the tools you need to grind, roll, and pack joints in mere seconds. This innovative grinder features a triple polished and scratch-resistant exterior available in your choice of color. The transparent design allows you to see the entire process from start to finish so you won't spill or waste any of your dry herbs. Each HighRoller Grinder is equipped with a magnetically sealed lid and a packer tool to help fill cones and clean your grinder between uses. The unique design fits nearly any pre-rolled cone from 84mm to 109mm in length. Measuring 5.25” inches tall by 1.5” inches wide, the HighRoller Grinder and Cone Filler is the perfect pocket-friendly tool for rolling joints on-the-go.

This affordable rolling accessory is a must-have for joint lovers and couldn’t be easier to use. Start by adding your 1¼” inch pre-rolled cone of choice into the HighRoller’s middle chamber. Next, fill the grinder with enough herb to fill the cone and watch as it funnels into the cone. If the cone needs packing, remove the lid and use the tool provided to create a tightly packed joint. If you prefer to go big with king size cones, pull one through the top and seal the sides with the poker tool for the same results. Fastpack Pre-Rolled Papers from Roll it Club can be loaded from the bottom and provide an even quicker rolling experience. No matter where life takes you, bring your HighRoller Grinder & Cone Filler with you for the perfect cone in less than a minute!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
HighRoller Grinder & Cone Filler
Grinds Herb & Rolls Joints
Poker-Tool Included
Universal Design
4-Piece Grinder
Vibrant Colors
Simple to Use
5.25” inches Tall
1.5” inches Wide
Spill-Proof Funnel
Pocket-Friendly Size
Magnetically Sealed Lid
Sleek & Functional Design
Fits Pre-Rolled Cones (84-109mm)

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