The Multi-Functional Rocket Grinder

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The Rocket Grinder is a compact, multi-functional smoking accessory with a built-in keychain that makes it easy to take anywhere. This innovative design combines a grinder, storage container and one-hitter into a single product. Constructed from stainless steel & leather materials, the Rocket Grinder it is as elegant as it is practical. Breaking it down, the top portion acts as a grinder while the middle section functions as a stash container that is easily filled with the grinder above. Lastly, the bottom piece twists off and becomes a one-hitter pipe. With the one-hitter removed, your ground dry herb can be easily funneled into a vaporizer heating chamber or water pipe bowl piece.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Rocket Grinder by Apollo Airvape
Magnetic Connection
Funnel Design
Built-in Keychain
Hidden One-Hitter
Multifunctional Grinder

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