Raw® Hydrostone Humidifying Stones

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Size: Single Pack (1 Hydrostone)
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Tired of throwing away money after your precious products dry out in storage? Then these Raw® Hydrostone Humidifying Stones will be your godsend. The Raw Hydrostone works to provide the necessary humidity in your storage containers to preserve the moisture in your tobacco products--from cigars to blunt wraps, rolling papers and more! These humidifying stones can also be used with flower products and dry herbs to help restore some moisture in your already dried-out products, but not for extended periods of time in order to avoid mold or mildew growth (we recommend up to an hour exposure for replenishing dry herbs). Each Raw Hydrostone is ideal for use with rehydrating or maintaining freshness & moisture in 50 to 100 grams of tobacco.

Raw® Hydrostone Humidifying Stones

If your looking for a product with a 2-way humidity control that doesn’t require any monitoring, check out the Boveda 62% Relative Humidity Packs here. Unlike the Boveda packs however, the Raw Humidifying Stones are reusable as needed and will last a lifetime! The Raw Hydrostone is made from natural terracotta and amazingly easy to use. Simply add your humidifying stones to water and allow it to soak for 5 minutes. Then place the stones with your tobacco products to provide the moisture they need for a pleasant smoke every time.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Raw® Hydrostone Humidifying Stones
Made from Baked Terracotta Clay
Infinitely Reusable
Easy to Use
Made in Spain
Lasts a Lifetime!
Compact 2” inch Disc
Keeps Tobacco Fresh & Moist

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