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The Echo Vaporizer from Randy’s is poised to quickly become your go-to handheld dry herb vaporizer. Randy’s effectively packed an abundance of useful capabilities into a palm-sized device about the same size as a small power bank. The body is made from a durable anodized metal and available in either black, silver, or blue colors. The ergonomic rectangle shape fits comfortably in one hand while the anodized metal body provides the perfect semi-glossy sheen and feel. Inside the Echo, this vaporizer boasts a large 1200mAh battery and can cycle between 5 optimized temperature settings to find your perfect blend of taste and vapor production. As true with all other Randy's vaporizers, the Echo will never combust your herbs. All materials inside the chamber will be heated to your exact specifications and vaporize into pure, flavorful vapor without any unwanted aftertastes. 

Randys Echo Vaporizer

There’s absolutely nothing more frustrating than taking a draw from your vaporizer and getting a mouthful of loose debris. Randy’s equipped the Echo Vaporizer with a 3 screen system to ensure you'll only be pulling high-quality vapor through the mouthpiece! Speaking of, the Echo features a ceramic mouthpiece attached by extra-strong magnets that can be easily removed to clean and pack the chamber with your herbs. Simply remove the mouthpiece, load your grinded herbs, pack it lightly (don't overfill the chamber), and you're ready to go! The magnets are strong enough to ensure the mouthpiece won't fall off if your vaporizer gets shuffled around in your pocket or bags. On both the front and the back of the Echo you will find a collection of airflow holes that were designed to help you smoothly breathe in your material. 

Randys Echo Vaporizer

The Randy's Echo Vaporizer was intended to perform the way you want it to work. The 5 preset temperature settings allow you to get the most out of your dry herbs, whether you want to heat them low & slow to create a light vapor, or at high heat for maximum clouds. The Echo has simple single-button controls that allow you to change temps, preheat the chamber, and turn the device on/off. The 5 LED lights on the front of the vaporizer work to signal both the current temperature setting and the battery level. To toggle through heat settings, simply hold down the face button for 2 seconds to adjust temperatures and begin the preheat function. The Echo also has a cooling Ceramic Filter System that cools your vapor to reduce harshness and eliminate coughing.

Randys Echo Vaporizer

The Randy's Echo Vaporizer is equipped with a large 1200mAh battery capacity that allows you to vape the whole day uninterrupted. This powerful battery can rapidly heat the large baking chamber and allows the Echo to reach its max temperature setting of 428°F in about 30 seconds. When it does come time to charge, the included USB charging cable will recharge your device in less than 2 hours. Each time you power the device on/off, the LED lights on the face of the Echo will temporarily flash the current power level instead of the set temperature. Every Randy’s Echo Vaporizer arrives nestled neatly inside a foam casting with all the accessories you need to keep vaping in a slim box next to the unit. Enjoy powerful and reliable vapor from a unit that is half the price of the competition with the Randy’s Echo Dry Herb Vaporizer today!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Randy’s Echo Handheld Vaporizer
5 Optimized Temperature Settings
Magnetic Ceramic Mouthpiece
Cooling Ceramic System
3 Screen Filter System
Combustion Free
Rapid Heating
4” inches Tall
Simple to Use
1200mAh Battery 
Single Button Controls
Large Baking Chamber
Anodized Metallic Colors
Compact & Pocket-Friendly
Dimensions: 3.85” x 1.3” x 0.6”

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