R2 Series GEN3 Vaporizer by #ThisThingRips 🍯

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The mean, green ripping machine from #ThisThingRips is back for more and this time it's sleeker, smarter, and more powerful than ever. The new R2 Series Wax Vaporizer Pen now features a more discreet VaporBlast mouthpiece, a smart battery that remembers your last temperature setting, and a powerful ceramic dual Ti coil atomizer for huge, flavorful hits. The R2 Series GEN3 Vape also comes with a platinum-cured silicone base station for holding your lighter, papers, vape pen and accessories all in one convenient non-stick place.

R2 Series GEN3 Vaporizer

#ThisThingRips lives up to their name with a truly captivating atomizer that rips. The R2 Series GEN3 is back with the atomizer that started it all--an advanced double ceramic rod that creates huge, dab-like clouds. The two high grade ceramic heating rods are wrapped in titanium for double the vapor production and the ceramic cup adds extra conduction for thorough vaporization, extracting the best flavors from waxy oils. You can now enjoy dab-like hits with much more portability than a dab-rig.

#ThisThingRips equipped the R2 Series GEN3 with a powerful 650mAh battery that remembers your most recent temperature. Variable voltage heat settings allows you to explore different vapor profiles from small tasty clouds to big potent rips. An impressive 12 hour battery life keeps you vaping throughout the day without having to charge, while a USB hyper-charging cable allows you to fully replenish the battery from almost anywhere in just a few hours.

R2 Series GEN3 Vaporizer

The R2 Series GEN3 Vaporizer is slim, lightweight & easy to keep hidden. In addition to the super discreet VaporBlast mouthpiece, #ThisThingRips included the original mouthpiece for fan's of their trademark ‘visual reaction chamber’ that gives you an inside look at your clouds as they form. The 3rd Generation of the R2 Series Vaporizer will offer you the same big rips as previous models, with an even more convenient and discreet user experience.

R2 Series GEN3 Vaporizer Specs

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
#ThisThingRips R2 Series GEN3 Vaporizer
650mAh Variable Voltage Smart Battery
New Forged "VaporBlast" Mouthpiece
Classic Visual Chamber Mouthpiece
2 x Ceramic Dual Ti Coil Atomizers
Remembers Last Temp Setting
USB Hyper-Charging
12 Hour Battery Life
Rapid Heating
Slim & Lightweight
Pocket-Friendly Design
Stainless Steel Dabber Tool
Base Station Silicone Storage Tray

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