ELEV8 Quartz Honey Bucket Swing Arm Nail

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Title: Female / 14.5mm
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The Quartz Honey Bucket Nail is one of the most unique dab rig accessories available -- it's not quite a nail, but not quite a banger either. The Honey Bucket’s special swinging arm is designed to be moved in and out of the “bucket” or bowl. Simply heat the end of the domed attachment arm when it’s outside the bucket, and swing the arm back inside the main chamber after reaching your preferred temperature. Then use your dabber to press oils or wax concentrates onto the heated swing arm attachment, meanwhile keeping the torch flame safely away from your water pipe joint. Crafted from high quality quartz materials, this honey bucket swing arm nail allows for an even heating of your dish for enjoying flavorful, potent dabs. The Quartz Honey Bucket Swing Arm Nail is in a class of its own and offers a dabbing experience you won't find elsewhere.

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Quartz Honey Bucket Nail with Swing Arm
Designed for 14.5mm & 18mm Dab Rigs
Female Joint fits Male Joints
Highest Quality Quartz 
Oil Accessory Nail
Honey Bucket Design
Adjustable Swing Arm
Allows for Even Heating
Faster Heating Time
Measures 3” inches

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