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The Nucleus Coffee Mug Hand Pipe is the perfect tool for starting every morning with an efficient wake & bake sesh. This unique and cleverly-designed pipe mug successfully combines the functionality of a hand pipe built right into your morning cup of joe. A fixed flower bowl for your dry herbs is worked onto the front of the Coffee Mug Hand Pipe and the cup handle doubles as your mouthpiece. As you light your herbs, the smoke from each rip will travel through a stealthy air path between the walls of the mug and into the handle, eliminating any cross-contamination between your smoke and drink within. Just light, inhale, sip & enjoy!

Nucleus Coffee Mug Hand Pipe

The Nucleus Pipe Mug is made of premium ceramic materials and hot coated with a colored finish. The high quality ceramic build makes this hand pipe completely microwave & dishwasher safe just like any other coffee mug in your cabinet. Adorned with the Nucleus Glass decal on the front & center, the Coffee Mug Hand Pipe is a sure bet to make waking up each morning a little bit easier, and a little more enjoyable.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Nucleus Coffee Mug Hand Pipe
High Quality Ceramic Construction
Microwave & Dishwasher Safe
Fixed Flower Bowl on Front
Mug Handle Mouthpiece
Coated w. Color Glaze
Isolated Air Path
Unique Design
Sherlock Style
Novelty Pipe Mug
Great Gift for Stoners
Nucleus Decal on Front
No Cross Contamination
Dual Function Coffee Cup Pipe

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