Nucleus Ladder Accented Hammer Bubbler

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This super groovy hammer bubbler from Nucleus features a distinct appearance created by multiple layers of glasswork. The Ladder Accented Hammer Bubbler uses an old-school design with a removable 18mm bowl piece that functions just like your favorite glass bongs & water pipes. The included bowl piece has a glass honeycomb screen that prevents clogging and promotes an even burning of your dry herbs. The 18mm female joint is fixed inside the pipe, equipped with a showerhead percolator that effectively filters your smoke through water within the base of the main chamber. Only a small amount of water is needed to get things bubbling, and the showerhead perc will diffuse each hit to smooth perfection. 

The Nucleus Ladder Accented Hammer Bubbler measures 4.5” inches tall by 7” inches in length, making it the perfect travel-friendly companion to take with you on life’s adventures. The grooved glass design on the Ladder Accented Hammer Bubbler makes this piece super easy to handle, and a flat base on the main chamber allows it to stand upright when tabled. This powerful glass bubbler pipe is finished with nozzle tip mouthpiece for comfortable airtight draws, and a black Nucleus decal on the front. 

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Nucleus Ladder Hammer Bubbler
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Showerhead Percolator 
Nozzle Mouthpiece
Fixed Downstem
4.5” inches Tall
7” inch Length
Clear Glass
Straight Neck 
Grooved Glass
Hammer Design
18mm Bowl Piece
18mm Female Joint
Self Standing Design
Black Nucleus Decals
Portable & Travel-Friendly
Scientific Glass Water Pipe

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