Nucleus 15" Straight Tube Bong w. Donut Ice Catcher

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The straight tube water pipe is a timeless classic and this Nucleus Glass Bong has taken that simplistic design to another level with the addition of a donut style ice catcher. The donut style ice catcher features a pinched glass ring in the center of the neck that works to hold as many ice cubes as you as you see fit. Getting its name from the delicious pastry it resembles, the donut ice catcher works like your typical ice catcher to give your smoke ample time to cool down within the 15” inch straight neck before reaching the mouthpiece. The Nucleus Straight Tube Bong is equipped with a 3.5” diffuser downstem that productively filters every rip through water at the base and is removable for easy cleaning. This water pipe comes with a 14mm male bowl piece for your dry herbs and a handy plastic keck clip that works to secure the downstem to the joint while removing the bowl each rip.

The Nucleus 15” Straight Tube Bong is made from super thick borosilicate glass with an entirely clear body so you never miss any of the action. The outside is finished off with subtle light gray Nucleus decals on the straight neck and downstem. A flared mouthpiece guarantees maximum comfort while the extra wide 5” base will keep your mind at ease when sharing your new bong with friends. The straight tube water pipe design has been a time-tested classic for the ages, from experienced smokers to novice beginners, and the Nucleus 15” Straight Tube Bong has just about everything you’ll need to join the party.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Nucleus Straight Tube Water Pipe
Removable Diffuser Downstem
4mm Thick Borosilicate Glass
Extra Wide 5” inch Base
Donut Style Ice Catcher
Flared Mouthpiece
15” inches Tall
Straight Neck
45° Joint
Clear Glass
Easy to Clean
14mm Female Joint
14mm Male Bowl Piece
3.5" 18mm-to-14mm Downstem
Light Gray Nucleus Glass Decals
Scientific Glass Straight Tube Bong

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