MJ Arsenal Pumpkin Ash Catcher (10mm Joint, 90° Angle) 🎃

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Give your friends pumpkin to talk about at your next sesh with the MJ Arsenal Pumpkin Ash Catcher. This limited edition water pipe accessory was so popular with the MJ Spellbinder Mini Bong it is now being offered as a standalone accessory! The Pumpkin Ash Catcher features an orange jack-o’-lantern body that filters your smoke and traps unwanted debris from entering the main chamber of your bong. The jack-o’-lantern is highlighted with a devious smile that haunts every hit, and an included green funnel bowl makes the pumpkin theme truly complete. This ash catcher pairs great with all of our MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs, but the lightweight design allows you to pair this accessory with any 10mm female joint water pipe without the need to worry about it tipping over.

MJ Arsenal Pumpkin Ash Catcher

The MJ Arsenal Pumpkin Ashcatcher features a 90° joint angle and 10mm male connection. The joint size corresponds with both joints, so this ash catcher will fit into any 10mm female joint water pipe while accepting 10mm male accessories on top. The 90° joint angle pairs best with water pipes and glass bongs that also have a 90° joint angle, as seen in the picture above. To use the MJ Arsenal Pumpkin Ashcatcher, fill the chamber with just enough water so the water level is above the fixed downstem. This allows your smoke to be effectively filtered on each hit without pulling excess water into the main chamber of your bong. Get a jack-o’-lantern that you will always keep lit with the MJ Arsenal Limited Edition Pumpkin Ash Catcher!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
MJ Arsenal Pumpkin Ash Catcher
Colored Borosilicate Glass
Limited Edition Design
Fixed Downstem
90° Joint Angle
10mm Male Bowl Piece
Pairs with 90-Degree Joints
Accepts 10mm Male Accessories
Fits 10mm Female Joint Water Pipes

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