MJ Arsenal “Merlin” Mini Rig & Blunt Bubbler

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The MJ Arsenal Merlin Recycler is a super compact mini rig that doubles as a rollie bubbler for your favorite hand-rolled products! Fit your pre-rolled cones, joints or blunt into the Merlin’s one-of-a-kind joint and enjoy smooth, moisture-conditioned hits on the fly. Alternatively, attach the included quartz banger nail and take thick, potent dabs with ease. Featuring an advanced recycler filtration system, the MJ Arsenal Merlin Bubbler continuously cycles smoke through water allowing your vapor to be effectively cooled for smoother inhales while filtering impurities out to ensure cleaner pulls. The Merlin comes with 1 silicone carb plug and 1 banger clip that holds the quartz banger in place during use. Boasting a unique wizardly design, the Merlin Recycler from MJ Arsenal promises to make every session magical.

MJ Arsenal Merlin Mini Rig

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Compatible with Dry Herbs & Wax 🌿🍯
MJ Arsenal Merlin Recycler Mini Rig Bubbler
Dual Function Oil Rig & Rollie Bubbler
Premium Borosilicate Glass Body
Fits Blunts, Joints & Pre-Rolls
Compact & Travel-Friendly
Recycler Functionality
Simple to Use
4” inches Tall
Thick Glass
Dual Function
45° Joint Angle
100% Quartz Banger
8mm Custom Female Joint
8mm Custom Quartz Bucket
Clear Scientific Glass Dab Rig
Included Silicone Carb Cap (For Dabs)

Box Includes:

1 x MJ Arsenal Merlin Recycler Mini Rig
1 x Silicone Carb Plug & Banger Clip 
1 x Custom Quartz Banger Nail

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