Hemp Oil Care THC-Free CBD Spray Tincture (2oz, 1,200mg CBD) 💦

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Flavor: Natural
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Product Details

Hemp Oil Care is a full-spectrum CBD spray tincture from Made by Hemp, packed with 1,200mg of pure CBD. Unlike other hemp-derived tinctures, the Hemp Oil Care Spray is guaranteed to be entirely THC-free, as opposed to others that could contain up to .3% THC. This makes this product ideal for those who feel that large doses of CBD are needed for their wellness goals, but can’t run the risk of testing positive for THC on a drug-test that screens for marijuana (See the link below ingredients for full labs results that affirm this). Made from premium, all-natural ingredients, the Hemp Oil Care Spray Tincture contains essential terpenes and fatty acids that work synergistically with the phytonutrients of CBD. Snag yourself this potent CBD tincture and start supporting your body’s endocannabinoid system the way nature intended without the worry!

How to Use:

Hemp Oil Care comes with an easy to use and convenient sprayer cap. Shake product well before each use, and spray Hemp Oil Care directly under your tongue. Wait at least 2 minutes for the phytonutrients to be absorbed and then swallow any remaining oil. To preserve freshness, store in a cool & dark area away from humidity.

Suggested serving size is two sprays, used once or twice per day. Two sprays is equal to 7.5mg of CBD and each bottle contains 160 servings. Per usual, you may alter your CBD serving size and experiment with the time of day that works best for you. Keep in mind, 1200mg of CBD is considered extra strength and much stronger than most other products on the market.


Natural flavor contains MCT (fractionated coconut) Oil, CBD Hemp Oil, Stevia, Hemp Essential Oil Terpenes.

Spearmint contains MCT (fractionated coconut) Oil, CBD Hemp Oil, Stevia, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Natural Spearmint Flavor.

Hemp Oil Care tinctures are non-psychoactive and are lab tested to show CBD levels as advertised and a guaranteed zero THC content.

Click here to see the full labs results for Natural flavor.

Click here to see the full labs results for Spearmint flavor.

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Hemp Oil Care THC-Free CBD Tincture 💦
Phytocannabinoids: 1,200mg (Extra Strength)
Sublingual (Oral) CBD Oil Spray 👅
7.5mg CBD per serving (2 sprays)
160 Servings Per Bottle
Guaranteed THC-Free
Size: 2oz (60ml)
Easy to Use
Made by Hemp
Natural Terpenes
Built-In Sprayer Cap
Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil
3rd Party Lab Tested 
Made in the USA

WARNING: Do not take if pregnant or lactating. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product. This CBD product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA).

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