LEVO Oil Herb Blocks Silicone Storage Tray

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These Herb Block Trays from LEVO are a handy solution designed for easy storage of your homemade oils & butters. Refrigerate or freeze, and pop out individual servings anytime you wish to use them. Each tray is made from high quality food-grade silicone and designed to be an ideal non-stick storage solution for your homemade goodies. For added safety, the LEVO Herb Blocks Tray includes a secure lid that fits tightly around your product and protects the tray’s contents from spilling or absorbing freezer odors. Each tray fits a full 16oz reservoir of oil or butter, the perfect size for pairing with your LEVO II Oil infuser

LEVO II Oil & Butter Infuser

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LEVO Oil Herb Blocks Silicone Storage Tray
Made for Storing Homemade Oil or Butter
Convenient Individual Serving Blocks
High Quality Food-Grade Silicone
Refrigerator & Freezer Safe
Non-Stick Surfaces
Blue, Green & Grey Colors
Dry Erase Safe Top Lid Included
Fits a Full 16oz Reservoir of Oil or Butter

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